Blood Money

Blood Money is a 2012 Bollywood thriller film directed by Vishal Mahadkar, and produced by Mahesh Bhatt. The film stars Kunal Khemu and Amrita Puri in lead roles. The film was earlier titled Kalyug 2 but was later changed to Blood Money. Blood Money was released on 30 March 2012.
Blood Money has been compared to the Hollywood blockbuster, Blood Diamond (2006) and to Bhatt's earlier directorial film Naam (1986), although it is not inspired by either films.

Music Review : Blood Money

Under the aegis of the Bhatt camp, Pakistani rock talents have not only propelled but also flourished in B-town, and this journey continues with their next venture titled BLOOD MONEY.

Following the successful trend of officially rehashing regional soundtracks into Bollywood sensibilities (A.R Rahman rehashing almost half-dozen tracks of VINNAITHAANDI VARUVAAYA (Tamil) for Bollywood's EKK DEEWANA THA, "Ringa Ringa" (AARYA 2 (TELUGU) by Devi Sri Prasad to "Dhinka Chinka" (READY) and "Kombadi Pallali" (JATRA (MARATHI) by Ajay-Atul to "Chikni Chameli" (AGNEEPATH)), Bhatts try to incorporate the flavor of Bengali Rock this time in this spin-chilling action thriller. Jeet-Ganguly (of Jeet-Pritam fame), a renowned name in Bengali cinema and music makes a swashbuckling appearance as solo composer.

In this album, Jeet rehashes some of his most strikingly youthful Bengali compositions with the vocal supports of Mustafa Zahid ("To Phir Aao" (AWAARAPAN)) and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. As far as musical aesthetics are concerned, Bhatts' choice for new talents and trends has always been a winning factor for their film. Furthermore, the musical department is also credited with a track apiece by upcoming composers, Sangeeth Haldipur and Pranay. So will this conglomerate of "hot n happening" talents be churning bagful of MONEY for their producers and also entertainment for their listeners! Let's find out...

AISHA girl Amrita Puri plays the leading lady in BLOOD MONEY

Mercurially high in promotion and melancholically romantic in nature, bankable Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's classically synchronized voice gets into the undertones of calm and composure expressions of everlasting love in sensitively composed "Chaahat". Composed for a comforting romantic situation of a typical Bhatts crime-thriller, it has their stylized format of arrangements where the rock-musical feel invigorates high in pitch and tempo, as the track progresses. Jeet Ganguly makes finest of his brilliant composition "Ek Mutho Sopno Cheye (100% LOVE (Bengali)), and incorporates elements of Sufi-rock in it with expressively prosaic wordings (Sayed Quadri) as its strong support. For its intrinsically poignant shades and effective rendition in somber tones, this track is likely to be a pivotal narrative factor in the light moments of the flicks. As far as composition is concerned, "Chaahat" is like a "Sufi version" of the original Bengali composition and gleams for its quality singing, a likable attribute by vocalist for his fans. Impressive!!! 

Acrimoniously rocking to the core, the sinister designs of evil minds gets ferociously loud vocal maneuvers in hot-headed "Gunaah", a rock metal base track that exudes the mindset of the protagonist. Riding high on the catchy rocky tunes, it has that typical South Korean rock band breeze in peppy "Oh-ho-ho" choral and racy distorted guitar riffs that connects well with "yuppie" filled voice. Mustafa Zahid (lead vocalist of Paki band ROXEN and of "To Phir Aao" (AWAARAPAN) fame suave toned voice, (sounding more like KK) delivers it with a belligerently punched hard-rock instrumentals, epitomizing out the distressed sentimental shades, an archetypically rocking Bhatt camp stylized number that has been their style for almost a decade. Once again, Jeet Ganguly rechristens one of his catchiest composition "Khujechi Toke Raat Berate" (JOSH (Bengali)) into a typical Sufi-rock format with impressive set of verses. Mustafa rekindles his "fusion" style of singing with perfection and gets an amiable supports of equally befitting composition. "Gunaah (unplugged)" is tender-paced "unplugged" version by Rana Mazumdar, a well-emoted situational compelling background musical piece with dark melodramatic shades attached to it. It has a series of mellowed piano drills, mandolin and violin notes accompanying it, outstretching the over-sappy romantic feel to almost five minute plus duration. Read more...

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