The Money Drop

Need some extra cash? Don’t miss your chance to put a few bucks in your pocket - no matter what age you are.

The Money Drop is a nail biting TV game show that can be simultaneously played online at home.
The Money Drop is a high stakes money game show event with extraordinary jeopardy. For the first time contestants can win big – or lose it all – live on TV.
The format is accompanied by a play-along online game which allows viewers at home to play alongside the contestants with virtual money.
Contestants are given their prize – a million in cash – at the top of the show. Just eight questions stand in the way of them taking home their cash. Sound simple? Think again. One wrong move and they could see it all literally disappear in front of their eyes.
The show’s white knuckle tension is played out on a fiendish device with four trapdoors, on which the answers to each question are displayed. All the contestants have to do is put their money on the right answer. If they are unsure of the answer they can spread the money across the trap doors, but if the answer is wrong their money will fall through the floor and be lost forever.
It takes courage, quick wits and nerves of steel to beat The Money Drop – have you got what it takes?Read More...

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